Ancillary Services

                       Ancillary services cement the economical, financial and strategic pillars of a business. Without them everything seems disorganized and loose. Ancillary services for the most part are invisible influences in a company and dealing with them properly can lead to the optimal growth of the business. Therefore, the support of Qualified Accountants is primordial for any business as the support alone can help to deal with primary activities and operations of a business. Here are the extensive Ancillary services provided by VASPL (Varenya Accounting Services Private Limited)


  • VAT/ CST
  • Service tax.
  • Professional tax.
  • ESI
  • Shop & establishment.
  • Any other departments regulating the concerned entity etc.




  • Structuring salaries of employees.
  • Preparing salary slips.
  • Remitting TDS amounts.
  • Filing TDS returns.
  • Preparing of Form 16 & 16 A.


  • Rental agreements.
  • Lease deeds.
  • Partnership deeds.



  • Companies act (MCA).
  • Direct taxation (IT).
  • Indirect taxation (Service tax, Excise & Customs duty).
  • Any other statutes regulating the concerned entity etc.

DSC procurement services-

Filing various tax returns-

Varenya Accounting Services Private Limited [VASPL] is committed towards client satisfaction and 100% accurate accounting even for the most complex of organizations. With years of experience, certified accountants, quality results, state-of-the-art methods and affordable prices, we are always ready to give the best of ancillary services so that any business can bloom and blossom into a huge success.