Start-up Services

                      The world is craving to find itself anew with the help of innovative ideas. Therefore, there is great encouragement from Governments to start-up businesses, which can help to change the economy of the population. Start-up companies should be very careful while developing their infrastructure. It is not just about investing money and running a company. There are many legal aspects that need to be taken care of before climbing the ladder. The success of an organization depends on many financial factors that need attention.

Varenya Accounting Services Private Limited [VASPL] focuses on financial strategies, internal controls and growth aspects of a start-up to offer holistic services to the client. We deal with following facets of a company to make sure a start-up business grows large and successful.

  • Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Partnership Firms
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Trust
  • Societies and so on


  • Documentation to float the entity
  • Registration with Statutory Authorities
  • Filing of other relevant Forms

Our specialized team in VASPL has a wealth of knowledge, experience and tailor-made services to suit the needs of any new business. We know that it is not about the present that matters for a start-up company, it is the future and we take care of the future business needs.